Bachelor of Accounting

General description:

The programme of the Bachelor in Accounting covers management accounting, analytical accounting, as well as management analysis. This innovative programme allows candidates to analyse the basic elements of accounting, with a balance between theory and practice.


Training objectives:

Develop the capacity of students to acquire the knowledge and expertise in accounting through a pedagogy based on the active participation of the students in the course.



This programme gives students the required expertise to access managerial positions in public and private entities: accountant, chief accountant, etc.



The internship included in the programme enables the student to have a practical experience and the opportunity to apply in the real working world the knowledge acquired in class.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Evaluate qualitative and quantitative data of corporations;

  2. Develop strategic and tactical plans;

  3. Create and analyse balance sheets;

  4. Establish an operational budget and forecast of future budgets;

  5. Conduct a risk analysis;

  6. Understand various taxation systems;

  7. Analyse the different type of corporations.