Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) specialisation Accounting

General description:

This programme covers the fundamental concepts of management focusing on accounting theory and practice.


Students will be taught to think critically and to analyse complex financial situations and offer solutions to diverse problems such as mergers and acquisitions, taxation, etc.


Training objectives:

Develop the capacity of students to acquire knowledge and expertise in accounting through a pedagogy based on the active participation of students in the course.



This programme gives students the required expertise to access managerial positions in public and private entities: accountant, chief accountant, etc.



The internship included in your programme will give you practical experience and the opportunity to apply in real working situations the knowledge acquired in class.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Evaluate qualitative and quantitative data of corporations.

  2. Develop strategic and tactical plans.

  3. Create and analyse balance sheets.

  4. Establish an operational budget and future budgets.

  5. Conduct a risk analysis.

  6. Understand various taxation systems.

  7. Analyse the different types of corporations.