Bachelor of Marketing and Communication

General description:

The programme covers the fields of communication, marketing, and the communication strategy through media and promotions. This allows students to discover the essential elements of marketing and communication through a balance of theory and practice.


In this programme, students learn how to position their organization and their product so as to be competitive. They will be able to show a constant innovation both nationally and internationally. They will understand how to benchmark and select the best communication channel to reach their main targets and to improve client satisfaction.


Students master the basic negotiation techniques to use with their suppliers and other partners, as well as with clients.


Training objectives:

Develop students’ ability to acquire the knowledge and know-how in the fields of communication and marketing through a pedagogy based on the active participation of students.


Be more active in all fields of marketing and communication through digital marketing, social media, as well as project management through training. Be able to create a communication plan in all fields of activity.



This programme gives students the essential know-how required to obtain managerial positions in the public or private sector such as communication and marketing manager, head of event projects, brand manager, communication manager, strategy, management and organisational consultant, public relations manager, web-marketing consultant and manager.



The internship included in the programme enables the student to have a practical experience and the opportunity to apply in the real working world the knowledge acquired in class.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify the variables of the marketing mix and define their interaction;

  2. Use the numerous tools available to conceive and put in place an integrated communications strategy;

  3. Develop a digital marketing strategy.


A diploma from SWISS UMEF University &

A RNCP title Responsable Opérationnel(le) de Gestion*, recognised by the France.

code NSF 310m, date de parution au JO du 19/07/2017, délivré par Formatives.

Accreditations and Certifications:

IACBE, CHEA, ASICeduQua & France Compétence


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