Bachelor of Business Administration

General description:

The Bachelor of Business Administration programme (BBA) covers the areas of management and corporate strategy, business organization, accounting, financial analysis, micro and macroeconomics and finance.


Training objectives:

Develop the students’ ability to acquire knowledge and know-how in the disciplines of management sciences, through a pedagogy based on active participation of the students in their training.



This programme gives students the essential skills required to accede to positions of responsibility in the public and private sectors.



The internship included in the programme enables the student to have a practical experience and the opportunity to apply in the real working world the knowledge acquired in class.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Recognize basic concepts of the functions of business management;

  2. Analyse the financial decision-making process using statistical and quantitative analyses;

  3. Implement effective communication skills in a business management environment;

  4. Acquire business theories, models, and concepts to implement business-decision skills, including in an internship report;

  5. Explain the principles of business ethics and international corporate responsibility;

  6. Produce the fundamental skills to create and manage innovation and new business development based on an understanding of the external and internal environment.


A diploma from SWISS UMEF University &

A RNCP title Responsable Opérationnel(le) de Gestion*, recognised by the France.

code NSF 310m, date de parution au JO du 19/07/2017, délivré par Formatives.

Accreditations and Certifications:

IACBE, CHEA, ASICeduQua & France Compétence


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