Continuing Education-Commercial Negotiations

General description:

Allow participants to understand the winning techniques in the commercial negotiation process in a variety of contexts. The training is completed by simulations allowing participants to assimilate the required know-how for a win-win approach.

Programme Content:

  • What type of negotiator are you?

  • The quality of a good negotiator

  • Some rules for success

  • The importance of the setting

  • Emotions and non-verbal language

  • Active listening

  • The 7 C

  • BATNA and its use

  • Cooperation or competition?

  • Strategies and tactics

Purpose of the training:

  • This course allows participants to master the basis of negotiation through knowledge of different.

  • Know the steps necessary for successful negotiations in diverse environments

  • Detail the different strategies and tactics of negotiation allowing them to reach their objectives

  • Understand the techniques used in difficult negotiations.

Objective of the training:

At the end of the training the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the negotiator’s strong points and negotiation style

  • Establish a proper strategy to reach one’s objectives

  • Be well prepared for negotiations

  • Reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion

  • Manage to block situations in a negotiation.

Teaching methodology:

The trainer uses different approaches to teaching which will allow participants to exchange with the trainer and with the other participants. The methods used include in-class presentations, homework, group or individual assignments, discuss in class their personal issues as well as their daily work contacts.

Employment Opportunities:

Any position requiring commercial negotiations such as commercial director, product manager, sales manager, sales personnel, procurement manager.

Planning of Courses:

  • Your style as a negotiator

  • The qualities of a negotiator

  • Practical exercises

  • Preparation

  • Practical exercises

  • The negotiation setting

  • Body language and active listening

  • Negotiation strategies

  • Practical exercises

  • Conclusion

  • Practical exercises

  • Final Exam


Certificate of SWISS UMEF University in commercial negotiations


48 hours of training

Start of the course:

December 2, 2020 - March 5, 2021 - June 4, 2021


18h00 to 21h30


Twice a week

The maximum number of participants:

18 participants

Location of the course:

Château d'Aïre, Route d'Aïre 185-187, 1219 Aïre - Geneva

Course price:

1'490 CHF

Target audience:

  • Owners and employees of SMEs

  • All persons in retraining or advanced training

Admission requirements:

Master English sufficiently to be able to follow the courses and the explanations of the trainer, as well as being able to read the theories and the reading material.



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