Swiss UMEF University from April 26, 1984, to this day:


Institut Supérieur de Psychopédagogie ISPP was established by Professor Marc-François Maret to train teachers and any person interested in this field.


ISP becomes Institut Supérieur de Gestion et Communication ISGC with new programmes in Management and Tourism.



ISGC becomes the University of Management, Economics and Finance (UMEF).



University of Management, Economics and Finance becomes Swiss UMEF University following the addition of programmes in International Relations.



UMEF obtains the EduQua certification.



UMEF obtains the ASIC and the IACBE accreditations.



In accordance with its mission, UMEF becomes the owner of a university campus at Château d’Aïre which has a long history and thus becomes the biggest private university in Geneva. This allows UMEF students, faculty and staff to study and work in a privileged environment.



Today, UMEF is established in a university campus of two hectares, easily accessible by public transport, with an international faculty having both an academic and professional background. Students from diverse origins are essentially from Switzerland and the European Union.