Master of Educational Leadership

General Description:

The Education Leadership Master programme targets individuals working in education or who wish to enter this field. This innovative programme allows participants to deepen their know-how at a national and international level.

This programme deals with all the elements of educational structures, including the cultural values of an institution’s activities as well as accreditation systems, rankings, financial issues, and the importance of technology. The programme also covers innovation issues in education and the maximization of existing resources, as well as the factors allowing for a competitive position at a national and international level.

Training objective:

The main objective of this programme is to supply the maximum amount of information resources to managers of educational institutions or to persons interested in educational developments in the public and private sector. Education is a complex field, and success requires an understanding of the changes in structures and in the behaviour of leaders of educational institutions.


Graduates from this programme will be successfully employed in a variety of institutions such as higher education institutes, secondary education establishments, NGOs or Ministries of Education as directors or senior managers.

First year - First and second semester

  • Introduction to Leadership

  • International Educational Systems

  • Foundations of Education

  • Economics of Education

  • Conceptualisations of Educational Leadership

  • E-Learning Education Systems

  • Technology for Instruction and Administration

  • Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Development

  • International Accreditation Organization

  • Finance and Education


Second year - Third Semester

  • Educational Audit Process

  • Education Ranking System

  • Quality Assurance Control

  • Technology Strategy

  • Design of Learning Environments

  • Entrepreneurship and Education


Second year - Fourth Semester

  • Thesis 30 ECTS credits