Master of Business Management Performance


SWISS UMEF University, in its commitment to contribute to the well-being of society and to allow its students to have access to the changing employment market, is introducing a unique programme in Switzerland. The bachelor and master in business management programmes developed by UMEF are project-based learning that enables students to rapidly access to a meaningful career, improve their present employment prospects or establish themselves as successful entrepreneurs.


Students take ownership of the learning process. It is based on specific business projects that allow students to rapidly access employment. Students share their time between course work and a search for employment locally, nationally or globally. This is carried out from Monday to Thursday according to plans made in tandem with the university.


Teaching is carried out on Fridays and Saturdays in lectures and workshops on topics directly related to the needs of corporations. This allows for a rich learning experience with lecturers and coaches who have extensive real-life experience.

Master of Business Management Performance

The programme has been developed so as to transmit a high-level of expertise-based knowledge most useful to corporations. Students can thus acquire the know-how most valued by employers thus greatly increasing the possibility of rapid integration into a high-performance organisation.


The programme is divided into four blocks:


1. Personnel:

  • Introduction to the programme

  • Recruiting the best personnel

  • Delegating

  • Working in an industry4.0 environment


2. Communications and marketing:

  • Excellence in media communication

  • Creating the right corporate culture and values

  • Strategic market priorities


3. Management:

  • High-performance management

  • Decision-making skills

  • Total quality management

4. Numbers:

  • Finance performance for managers

  • Accounting and auditing

  • Hidden costs and corporate performance



  1. A Bachelor degree or equivalent, from an approved University / College

  2. A motivation letter

  3. An interview with admission Director

  4. Candidate must be a Swiss Nationality or permanent resident in Switzerland.

First semester:

  • Introduction to the programme

  • Working in an industry 4.0 environment

  • Creating the right corporate culture and values

  • Total quality management

  • Finance performance for manager

Second semester:

  • Recruiting the best personnel

  • Excellence in media communication

  • Decision-making skills

  • Accounting and auditing


Third semester:

  • Delegating

  • Strategic market priorities

  • High-performance management

  • Hidden costs and corporate performance



Evaluations are not only conducted through traditional examinations. Students are required to undertake individual or group projects as well as written examinations with contemporary topics of importance. Simulations are used to help students understand the practical applications of the material they learn.


  • Business Manager

  • Business Administration Researcher

  • Human Resource Manager

  • Research and Development Manager

  • Business Consultant

  • Marketing Organizations

  • Educational Institutes

  • Business Consultancies

  • Multinational Companies

  • Export Companies



  • Campus: Château d’Aïre – Geneva

  • Organiser: Faculty of Management Science

  • International Faculty: From four continents (Europe, US, Asia and Africa)

  • Recognition of Completion: Master in Business Management Performance

  • Number of Students: 18 students per class

  • Duration: 18 Months

  • Teaching language: English or French section


Teaching and coaching are carried out with the specific aim to facilitate students evidencing skills required by employers.



The faculty is composed of highly qualified foreign professors that have extensive practical experience through consulting or work experience in the fields they teach. They are diverse in their nationalities, education and experience.



Guest speakers are regularly invited to talk about highly relevant subjects that contribute to the learning process. This also allows students to understand the decision-making process of key leaders in their respective fields.



Students share their time between course work and a search for employment locally, nationally or globally. This is carried out from Monday to Thursday according to plans made in tandem with the university. Classes are held on Fridays and Saturdays. If the student finds employment during the three-year course, s/he will only attend courses on Saturdays.


Our belief in the success of the students following these courses is such that the fee structure of the programmes is directly tied to their income once they have secured employment.

Students pay 20% of the fee prior to the start of classes. The remaining amount is paid upon students obtaining employment, at which time they pay 20% of their salary from a salary above 3’000 Swiss Francs. Should they be unable to obtain employment no fees are due.


Administrative fees:

*The registration fee is non-refundable

  • Registration fee*: CHF   150 

  • Admission fee:     CHF 1'500

Study fees:

  • First year:      CHF 29'000

  • Second year: CHF 29'000

A tuition fee includes all teaching materials distributed in classes, access to the library, computer room and E-campus.

Bank details:

All fees must be paid in Swiss Francs to the SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY – Geneva


SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY with Credit Suisse – CH-8070 ZURICH (Switzerland)



  • IBAN: CH29 0483 5025 7942 1100 0

  • Swift code: CRESCHZZ80A


Please indicate the name of the student on the payment order.


For further information, please contact us by phone or E-Mail.