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The Political Science Faculty of SWISS UMEF University has always had the wish to contribute to the training of the future political, economic, and cultural leaders in perfect synchronicity between the necessary reference to history and modernist or futurist concepts.

It is in this citizen context that the totally new unprecedented and innovative Executive Master in International Relations and Global Politics has been created.

Directed by Professor Salvatore Lombardo, this new SWISS UMEF Master should allow a fruitful confrontation between the traditional academic training and the dialogue of real-life experiences shared by major international personalities. 

The objective is to allow auditors to enrich their background by sharing the knowledge, experiences, and crisis management and to offer them concrete examples that provide the opportunity to develop a personal vision that may favorably contribute to their professional life.

Prestigious Speakers

The various speakers invited by SWISS UMEF for its new Master under the direction of Salvatore Lombardo and Anis Bajrektarevic, are all influential actors and thinkers who have contributed, each in his field, to the birth of new thinking and new dogma governing on an international level global politics and contemporary geopolitics.


Points of view having an important scope, frequently singular, will be brought to participants during the various sessions. The points of view expressed are most often based on years of active experience.


International relations, global politics, development, leadership, environment, identities, conflicts and peace, human rights, the new concepts of governance, are constructive themes for this programme.


One must note there is a unique panel of prestigious speakers, all active players in the field of politics, economics, or ideas. It will be made up of former or present political leaders, leaders of multinational corporations, and more generally, global thinkers and influencers.

The Presidents
Speakers in the programme

In order to make the new Executive Master in International Relations and Global Politics a must for future ethical leaders in a changing world, we have surrounded ourselves with prestigious speakers who have not only knowledge but also experience. This is how several Heads of State joined us.

The Prime Ministers
Speakers in the programme

International Prime Ministers will be there to share their experiences as political leaders in the service of their respective countries in an educational and cultural event that aims to build future careers.

The Ministers
Speakers in the programme

Essential actors in the democratic functioning of nations, the most prestigious Ministers will come to share their experiences with students who are themselves becoming protagonists of the political and social future.

The Personalities
Speakers in the programme

Beyond the politicians, here are the people who are working to build new economic values and new societal and cultural concepts. The life of our post-modern societies is made of projects and achievements that these actors will illustrate with their testimonies.