Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialisation Marketing and Communication

General description:

This programme provides the student with extensive and practical training in marketing and sales functions.

Training objectives:

At the end of the programme, the students will have mastered analysis of the environment, as well as prescribing and carrying out marketing studies. They will be capable of taking decisions and implementing strategies and marketing actions.  The students will be capable of communicating and managing independently a project in an international and multicultural milieu. The student must be able to head projects in an intercultural context.


Management positions in the areas of marketing: marketing manager, product manager, project manager, brand manager, head of the product line, market research officer, marketing assistant.

Learning outcomes:

  1. The courses have been created so that each graduate, on successful completion of their program, will have learned critical thinking, effective problem solving, effective communication, emotional intelligence skills, strategic planning and thinking.

  2. Students will be able to understand industrial and domestic consumer behaviour, thus developing promotional mix, products and services to meet their expectations.

  3. Students will be able to understand and segment appropriate target markets and create a direct marketing mix towards creating a sustainable competitive advantage in its selected target market(s) and products.

  4. Students will develop the skilful attitude and professionalism of salespeople needed to improve sales and formulate complex sales and training strategies to meet the challenges of the marketplace.

  5. Students will be able to understand fully the conditions of the global market environment in respect of cultural, political, and economic implications.

  6. Students will be able to understand and make constructive decisions on how to generate specific tactical guidelines for building, measuring and managing brand equity, which marketers can follow to begin developing strong, successful brands.

  7. Students will be able to explain and demonstrate how to design and implement brand strategies and when to use brand extensions, show how to adjust branding strategies over time and geographic boundaries to maximize brand equity.

  8. Students will be able to develop strategic marketing plans that are pragmatic and innovative for effectively achieving strategic and marketing planning objectives.